Copyboards have gained rapid popularity as collaborative communication tools among the brainstorming community of creative people. There practically is no better facility for a collaborator than what a simple copyboard offers: printing and saving written notes to any desirable device.

Panaboard UB-5838C Copyboard is one of the innovations brought to the markets by Panaboard, the industry leader that is well-known for its innovative communication solutions. This impressive copyboard sports all the latest technologies and the most desirable specifications, topping the list of high-end copyboards in contemporary markets.

Panaboard UB-5838C Copyboard is particularly popular owing to its large workspace. The 76“ work surface with two panels present users with the perfect platform to take notes on. This quality is perfect for a number of applications. Individuals who brainstorm ideas often come up with ideas worthy of lengthy discussions and note taking, teachers working in interactive environments usually invite students up to the boards which leads required a big board, and official meeting often end up with feedback from each member being recorded on a board. The exceptionally large workspace allows such lengthy lectures and meeting notes to be taken without ever having to worry about inadequacy of space.

The true functionality of UB-5838C however lies in its compatibility with computer devices and output options. It connects directly to any PC that can then be used as a medium for saving the copyboard material to any suitable device. Moreover, the whole screen can also be saved in a USB or SD card in an instant as it comes with slots for both. A color printer may be connected to get colored printouts of whole meeting sessions, presentations, or lectures. To make these tasks easy, this amazing copyboard has a 1.8“ color LCD touchscreen.

Panaboard considers customer satisfaction its priority and this reflects in its products. To make user experience better, the Panaboard UB-5838C incorporates Clear Marker Reproduction Technology. This remarkable feature interprets the markings by the markets on the copyboard surface and manipulates it so that it looks clearer and comprehensible.

Panaboard UB-5838C Copyboard is an exceptional technology that is designed to benefit everyone who wishes to optimize their collaborative communication activities. Professionals are encouraged to invest in this profitable deal and get maximum returns out of it.