Panaboard: Step forward to the future

In the market of Interactive whiteboards, Panaboard has distinguished itself as one of the strongest and optimum choice of users due to its unrivalled standards of quality. As conventional whiteboards become unable to keep up to the improvements in technology, Interactive whiteboards have made themselves the best platform for any organization to use for more efficiency and better results in any forum.

PanaBoard comes supported with a cornucopia of features that make it stand out in an increasingly competitive market:

  • Touch sensors
  • Built-in speakers
  • Multiple-connectivity options through the integration of USB ports extra
  • Greater interactivity through the incorporation of both single and multi-touch capacities
  • Immersive experience
  • User-friendly interface

To the workers, Panaboard presents the perfect opportunity for them to properly and quickly express their ideas through a presentation that the PanaBoard can display instead of writing on conventional whiteboards and taking up excessive amount of time. Their labor productivity would increase immensely, creating greater output and revenue for the business. Hence the implementation of Interactive touchscreens would not only be beneficial for the labor but for the overall business as well.

Furthermore, Interactivity creates greater opportunities in the education industry in terms of better performance from both the teachers and the students. There is no place for a traditional whiteboard in a modern classroom environment as it would not allow the teachers to properly express the full scope of the challenging curriculum being currently taught in schools. Not only that, conventional means of teaching have lost their appeal to students. However, the installation of an interactive touchscreens in a classroom will instantly have the students’ attention. It would engage and intrigue the students, as well as allowing them to have a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Made of state of the art technology, the implementation of PanaBoard in any working environment is a step in the right direction. From offices to schools, stores extra, the device comes with features best suited for all.