How many times do we wonder over the fact that if there was something that would print our handwritten notes right from the blackboard. The fact that we waste so much time writing our own notes rather than have them printed from the blackboard is baffling, well look no further, Panaboards solves this riddle with its state of the art copyboards.

The Panaboards copyboards come with an attached printer for easy printing with multiple copies, so when the lesson is complete everything on the board can be printed right away. Panaboards copyboards increase audience attention and participation since writing notes is no headache now. Panaboards copyboards help presenters give clear notes, increasing efficiency and reducing meeting time. aslo help in focus group

All Panaboards copyboards models can be wall-mounted or used with an optional mobile stand so that they may be fixed in any position in the room where everyone can view them. The One-touch design allows for easy manipulation of contrast, copy-type, and number of copies from the copyboards allowing the user to differentiate the copies according to everyone’s liking. The copyboard can store an infinite number of board screens all thanks to the option of storing all the data in the SD Memory Card/USB Flash Memory Storage. The USB PC Interface with Panasonic Document Management Software allows the user to effectively manage how and where to store all of the data making sure everything is secure and organized when needed. All in all, the panaboard copyboards are a state of the art technology that is a must for every office and classroom to effectively increase productivity and give a peace of mind to the audience attending.