Monthly Archives: November 2016

  1. Difference Between Copyboards and Interactive Whiteboards

    A number of teachers may not be aware of the benefits of using a Smart Board in the classroom as a teaching tool. While the traditional whiteboard already has everyone’s attention, the electronic device is a new technology that is slowly gaining popularity due to its interactive power. The main difference between Interactive Projector systems and conventional "smart" boards lies with the board. With an Interactive Projector, there is no board.

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  2. Copyboards- Magic Boards

    The Copyboard is a simple but powerful tool which maximizes results of ones’ meetings. Just like anyone would do on a whiteboard, write directly on the panel surface of the Copyboard, take notes, draw diagrams or brainstorm. Unlike when using a whiteboard, with a Copyboard one is able to retain their work, having the option of printing or electronically storing what has been written on the board. Or can simply scroll to a clean panel, allowing one to continue writing without losing their current work or train of thought!

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