Panasonic Panaboard UB-8325
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Panasonic UB-8325 Interactive Whiteboard

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  • Panasonic UB-8325 is an all-in-one electronic copyboard, interactive whiteboard a projector screen and an electronic print board
  • Diagonal panel length of 65.5 inches (35.4” x 55.1”)
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Built-in USB port for interfacing with PCs
  • 2 non-reflective motorized panels
  • Built-in printer and copier (up to 9 copies at once)
  • Remotely control your computer with include electronic pens
 Panasonic UB-8325 Interactive Whiteboard
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Product Overview

Panasonic UB-8325 interactive whiteboard is an all-in-one interactive print board solution. UB-8325 can function as an electronic board, interactive whiteboard a projector screen and an electronic print board with plain paper output. This Panaboard features a USB interface, 2 non-glare projector panels, 2 electronic pens, 4 electronic pen markers, 1 electronic eraser, and other accessories. Amongst other Panaboards, it provides a truly interactive experience resulting in engaging meetings. UB-8325 electronic whiteboard comes with a slew of interactive technologies. You can save both written as well as projected notes directly from your board into your computer.

The included electronic pen can be used easily just like a computer mouse. Using the Microsoft NetMeeting™ or other video conferencing solutions, you can collaborate and share ideas from across the world. Panasonic UB-8325 stands out from other interactive whiteboards by allowing you to interact with on-board information in real-time. The Panaboard mode allows you to reduce meeting time by directly printing onscreen information for distribution. You can print or email information using your computer. Projected images are also interactive allowing you manipulate onscreen information.

You can control windows applications directly from the screen using the included electronic pen similar to a computer mouse. The included electronic pens enable you to track meeting notes and include comments in different colors. A high quality projector screen and integrated printer allow you to perform routing computing functions with convenience.


Outstanding Features


Effective Presentations in Projector Mode

The Panasonic UB-8325 interactive whiteboard allows you to conduct effective presentations when connected with a projector. With its electronic pen and the included interactive software, you can add notes to different slides while sifting through the presentation using your PC connected with a projector. This enables you to keep your audience captivated and makes distribution of presentation hand-outs easy. Combined with the Panaboard’s bundled electronic pen, it allows presenters to directly add annotations and diagrams onto the slides. Furthermore, the electronic pen acts as a computer mouse, letting you control your presentations directly.

Combine it with the desktop drawing tool and you have an all-inclusive platform for canvasing your creative ideas.

Information Sharing in Whiteboard Mode

Panasonic’s Panaboard incorporates Incorporates ultrasonic and infrared technology to accurately sense the position of the electronic pen. Any information that is written on the Panaboard with the electronic pens appears directly on the PC screen in real time. These images can then be projected onto a large screen using an external projector connected with the PC. This is ideal for lecture halls with a large number of participants.

Panasonic UB-8325 Interactive Whiteboard

Endless Screen Design. 2-Panel Workspace

An endless screen design allows you to scroll in additional workspace equal to a second panel. This eliminates the need for frequent erasing of onscreen content and works ideally when the panaboard is mounted on a wall. A simple press of the button reveals the additional panel. The inbuilt printer can print out the entire content in a single pass.

Panasonic UB-8325 dual Panel Workspace

2-in-1 Printing

Now you can print information on both screens onto a single sheet (2-in-1 print), which simplifies workflows and conserves paper usage. The inbuilt smart printer can print both the revealed and non-revealed areas.

2-in-1 Printing

Copy and Print 9 Copies at a Time

The inbuilt copying mechanism in the Panaboard enables you to print up to 9 copies of the onscreen content that makes it perfect to distribute notes after a presentation or meeting. The inbuilt print and copy function saves a lot of administrative time.

Simple Data Management

Managing information using the Panasonic Panaboard is a breeze. The Panasonic Document Management System allows for hassle-free editing and viewing of scanned data. Information is organized in folders. It’s quite simple to looking into the contents of each folder by viewing the thumbnail display. This provides a quick preview of the information without the need to open individual files.

Built-in Plain-paper Output Printer

The integrated printer makes it very easy to share meeting notes. Just specify the number of copies and press the print button. You can even print black and white copies of your screen.

Package Contents

  • Panasonic UB-8325 Interactive Whiteboard
  • Built-in Printer
  • Electronic Pen.
  • AAA Battery.
  • Software CD-ROM

Specifications for UB-8325

Digitizing Technology Infra-red / Ultrasonic
Surface Dry-Erase Surface
Multiple Screens Yes
No. of Panels 2
Input Method Pen, Stylus
Simultaneous People 1
Diagonal Length (inches) 66
Connectivity USB
Printer Connectivity Yes
Mounting Mobile, Wall
Weight (lbs) 10

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